We want everyone to have a great time, so we ask that, you please respect the following guidelines during your stay with us.

•        Your bracelet must be worn around your wrist at all times and be tight enough that it cannot be taken off. Bracelets must be shown to our volunteers upon request.

•        We may ask to search backpacks and other objects on the festival grounds. If you do not consent to a search, you may be refused access to the site or asked to leave without reimbursement.

•        Standing, umbrellas, high-back chairs and other objects which may obstruct the view of your fellow attendees are not allowed in the seating area.

•        Please respect your fellow attendees; don't speak loudly in the seating area during shows. Picnic tables and extra seats are provided outside the seating area for your comfort.

•        It is forbidden to smoke in the barn or seating area at all times. Please use designated smoking area.

•        Alcoholic beverages purchased off site are allowed in the camping area ONLY. Please support the festival and help us respect the conditions of our bar permit.

•        Glass containers are not allowed in the seating area or barn.

•        Unauthorized collection of bottles and cans is not permitted.

•        Drugs, drunken and loud behavior will not be tolerated on the festival site.

•        Please use garbage and recycling containers available on the site.

•        Fireworks are not allowed.

•        "Jams" are not only allowed, they're encouraged. However, amplified music is not allowed. If you wish to camp in a quiet area, please let our volunteers know upon your arrival.

•        Please allow us to assist in parking your RV and follow the instructions of our volunteers.

•        Visitors are not allowed in the reserved and VIP/band camping areas. A maximum of two (2) visitors at a time are allowed in the general camping section ONLY. Please visit our CAMPING & LODGING page for more information.

•        For your safety, access to trails and buildings are not permitted after 7 PM.

•        Generators are allowed to operate from 7 AM to 11 PM. In case of unusually cool weather, we may allow operation of generators at night - announcements will be made on stage. Generators may be used at night for persons whose medical condition requires it - please notify our volunteers upon your arrival.

•        Pets are not allowed outside of the camping area and must be on a leash at all times. Pets are not allowed in the seating area or barn. Please don't leave your pets unattended for long periods, even in your RV.

•        Please clean up after your pet.

•        Dumping of grey or black water is not allowed on site.

•        The festival is a family event, but parents are responsible for their children. Youth and children under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

•        The festival is not responsible for accidents, loss, theft or injuries, no matter the cause.

•        We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone or to expulse anyone not respecting the rules or acts in such a way as to bother other attendees. No readmission or refund. Rules will be applied without exception.

•        These rules are guidelines only. The organizing committee reserves the right to modify or add without notice any rule it deems necessary.


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